About us...

EDMUNDO is a service provided by the EDUCATVA Group, offering young Romanians information, counseling and assistance in the admission process at higher education institutions from Europe, and the rest of the World. In our activity, we rely on our knowledge regarding the international education systems, a wide network of international university contacts, connections with young Romanian international students and graduates, together with the experience of implementing numerous youth-targeted projects. The biggest is RIUF - Romanian International University Fair - the largest international education exhibition in Eastern Europe.

Our activity is driven from the very beginning (2007) by three equally important objectives:

In our day to day work we strive to continuously improve our operational performance (in light of the three objectives above) and to conduct our business in an ethical manner that protects the interests of all our stakeholders (international university partners, students and their families, our staff).

Our counselors can help the students interested in studying abroad with:

Our services are free of charge towards the students. In addition, for certain programs we can facilitate the reduction or annulment of the application fee charged by the higher education institutions.

We encourage any institution that may want to find out more about EDMUNDO and EDUCATIVA to send us an email at edmundo@educativa.ro.